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Orange and Coconut


- Minimize their risk of illness through dietary and lifestyle factors

- Reduce their consumption of processed foods

- Feel optimally healthy

- Reduce their exposure to chemicals in their household products and their food

- Make healthy food more enjoyable


- Teach their loved ones healthy habits for prevention of toxic overload and disease

- Increase consumption of healthy foods

- Make family meal times more pleasant

- Help protect their bodies from environmental toxins

- Prepare healthy, home-made food for themselves and/or their family


- Always feeling tired

- Always getting sick

-Chronic physical symptoms

- Difficulty losing weight

- Difficulty gaining weight

- Medication overuse

- Skin trouble

- Digestive trouble

- Autoimmune diseases

- Difficulty focusing and paying attention

- Feeling anxious

- Feeling unhappy

- Struggle to manage time

- Emotional struggles

-Picky eating

-Food addiction and disordered eating

-Much more; contact for further issues


30-minute power session. Acquire the tools needed to properly boost immunity and support optimal immune function. You will leave with an individualized protocol of high quality supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs) and dietary recommendations, tailored to your specific lifestyle and needs. Immune Boost clients have exclusive access to on-call emergency sessions in case symptoms of illness arise.

Individual session is 30 minutes and family session is 45 minutes.



A deep dive into your health history and current nutritional health concerns. We will develop a completely individualized and comprehensive plan to achieve your nutritional health and wellness goals, leaving you with tools such as a Personal Wellness Protocol, recipe recommendations, grocery lists, suggested natural and herbal supplements, meal plans and more, depending on and tailored to your unique needs. Follow-up email support included.


Family/couple/group sessions are available.

Initial 90-minute intake session + your personal wellness protocol


60 min session



+ Initial nutritional wellness

consultation + personal wellness protocol (90 minutes)

+ 5 follow-up nutrition counseling sessions (one hour per session)

+ on-call virtual support

Family/couple/group sessions are available.


(25% discount; savings of $150)

Financial Assistance Program

If you are in need of nutritional guidance for better health but have financial barriers preventing you from reaching out, please apply for financial assistance below. This offering provides low cost options for the nutrition consulting services outlined above.

To apply, please fill out this form:

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